2nd Year In a Row First Lady Melania Welcomed With a Standing Ovation at SOTU


Today, First Lady Melania Trump was welcomed into the House chamber with an overwhelming applause and a standing ovation from those in attendance.

The first lady traveled to Washington separately from her husband and arrived wearing an all-black ensemble, in contrast from the white outfits many Democratic women in Congress were wearing as a nod to the suffragette movement.

When the First Lady entered the chamber wearing her beautiful smile, for the second time in a row the audience went wild.

After President Donald Trump took the floor, he introduced Melania to the chamber again and the first lady was met with a second standing ovation.

First Lady Melania continued her tradition by embarking to the event without her husband once again, something that previous first ladies did no do.

Last year, Melania similarly chose to ride with her guests to the President’s speech rather than alongside him, drawing some scrutiny towards her marriage situation amid reports of President Trump’s alleged affair.

Washington Examiner reported that the First Lady wanted to “ensure her guests have a special evening.”

“She personally escorts them to the Capitol so they can visit for a while and to ensure they feel comfortable,” Melania’s spokeswoman told the WE.

First Lady Melania’s special guests honored her Be Best initiative by including Joshua Trump, the 6th grader who has faced bullying over his last name.

Thanks to the President and his wife Melania Trump, this was one of the best State of the Union that ever happened in the United States of America.