Alyssa Milano Goes Off On NRA, Internet Crushes Her Immediately


Hollywood star Alyssa Milano (the same woman who few months before tweeted ‘F*** You, NRA’) accused the NRA of not caring about the American people, their members, and our troops.

‘The NRA doesn’t care about the American people, it’s members or our troops. They care about profit.’ Wrote CNN’s Alyssa Milano on her Twitter account.

She also quoted an older article of Business Insider from 2013 written by Walter Hickey, who is the current chief culture writer for Nate Sliver’s FiveThirtyEight.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) doesn’t care about our troops and veterans? NRA is a non-profit organization but they care only about their profit?

The NRA Foundation has donated around $61 million to various local groups since 2010. Also, Boy Scout troops and council have received $4 million.

Let’s go further. $12.2 million has given to 4-H groups since 2010. More than $7.3 million has given to 500 schools from 2010 through 2016.

According to The Daily Wire, ‘the NRA has worked with Congress to support the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, and more recently, the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act.’

So, you can see how much the NRA Foundation helped wherever it was supposed to.

There was genuine outrage directed at the actress Alyssa Milano on Twitter after her post. People were not pleased, so they decided to teach Milano a lesson. Read some of the comments bellow.

‘Vet here. I care about them so much I am a lifetime member, and I know they care about me because they offer a separate membership for us, and for first responders. You’re way off base Milano. Go drunk, you’re home…’ Wrote Dave.

‘They care and do more for America than you or any other Hollywood person will ever do combined. I’m sure you can ask your armed bodyguard. He’s probably a member,’ wrote Eric Klim.

‘Check your facts, NRA is a non-profit organization. Does not sell guns, or ammo. Teaches gun safety. NO NRA member has committed a mass shooting,’ replied on her tweet, Wayne Longstreth.

‘Really? I’m a lifetime member and a veteran. You use the word veteran in your post as if you really give a damn about us but you don’t, you’re simply trying to validate a point that isn’t valid in any way shape or form. B4 u post, know who the NRA members actually are,’ replied Dave Baggs.