Candy bandit squirrel is BACK and gets caught on tape again!


A small convenience store in Toronto, Canada, has been invaded by a candy thief for the past few years and the owner finally managed to catch him in the act!

The Kim family suspected that their convenience store ‘Luke’s Grocery’ is being visited by a thief that steals candy bars but they could never catch him or even see who it is. As time went by they decided to end the mystery and investigate it.

They put on a camera watching the door near the candy bars and waited for the thief to walk in and get caught in the act. After waiting patiently for a few months, out of nowhere, here comes the little candy bandit, takes a Crunchie and quickly runs out of the store.

All they heard was a bit of rusting near the candy bars and after watching the footage they have found the thief red handed! Squirrels! Sweet little candy – thieving squirrels!

The store owners posted another video on their YouTube channel StopThatSquirrel DropThatBar, where someone shot a video with his phone showing one of the squirrel thieves waltzing into the store, snatching a candy bar and running the hell out of there.

‘Luke’s Grocery’s owner estimated that they have lost at least 40 candy bars to squirrels over the years.

There is yet another video on their YouTube Channel from Oct, 2016.

Here you can watch the previous video showing the same squirrel stealing a Kinder Bueno candy bar:

The little bandit is probably too cute to be punished and he wins a candy every time he goes into the store. Enjoy your delicious snack you sweet little thing!

Maybe the owner should leave a small basket of nuts outside the store, so the squirrels change their habit of stealing candy bars as they sure prefer eating nuts, fresh corn and avocados over chocolate.

It not that bad to give a candy to a squirrel from time to time but if the owners want to end that chocolate give away, we hope that they will choose a sustainable way to change the animals behavior and do not use any poison in the process. Spread this incredible story on social media if you agree with us. Thank You!