CNN Analyst Tore Into ‘Petty’ Democrats For ‘Overreaching’ On Barr – Says He’d Tell Them To ‘Pond Sand’


CNN analyst is tearing into congressional Democrats for “overreaching” after Attorney General Barr decided not to show up on Thursday’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee following Wednesday’s Senate hearing.

Jeffrey Toobin noted that William Barr’s refusal to go to the hearing was a lesson of “the powerlessness of the House Democrats,” adding that it demonstrates if the Trump administration tells the Democratic-led House “to go pound sand, they’re going to have to go pound sand.”

Attorney general Barr said that he wouldn’t attend the hearing on Thursday after conflicting with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler regarding question formatting.

CNN’s Phil Mudd mirrored Toobin’s remark, suggesting that if he were AG Barr, he would tell Nadler to “pound sand.”

“Let me be a bit snitty here,” Mudd said during Wednesday’s show. “If I were [Bill] Barr, I would tell Jerry Nadler to pound sand. I would tell him to hit the road.”

Mudd went on to explain why. “Let me give you a couple of reasons why. Biggest hearing you might have in your entire chairmanship, you can’t bother, you’re too lazy to learn the portfolio well enough to ask your own questions? And your members don’t have the discipline not to sit here and speak without asking questions? Really?”

“And my second question. Who was elected by the American people to oversee the Department of Justice in the most important investigation they have. Was it the members or was it some lawyer that you want to set up Barr with? This is a set-up.” he added.

He also added that he believes “it’s petty” and Democrats are “overreaching.”

“If I were Barr I’d say I’m going to get martinis, have a good time,” said
CNN analyst Mudd. “Have an empty chair. I’m not going.” he added.

Nadler vowed to hold AG Barr in contempt after he refused to appear for the House hearing on Thursday, ignoring a subpoena.

However, Rep. Doug Collins, stepped up in defense of attorney general Barr, slamming Nadler’s formatting change, which adds an additional hour of questioning from staff members, as just a “political stunt.”

“The reason Bill Barr is not here today is that the Democrats decided they didn’t want him here today,” Collins said.

“And what is amazing to me is to say that he is scared of answering questions. You can disagree with the attorney general all you want, but yesterday he sat for over almost 6 hours in the Senate voluntarily answering questions … You can agree, did he do good or did he do bad? It doesn’t matter because we’re not getting that opportunity today because the stunts and the circus continues over here.” he continued.

“We are not getting that opportunity today because of the stunt and circus here,” Collins claimed. “The question I have here is not what Bill Barr is scared of, my question is what are the Democrats scared of?”