Democrat Rep Exposes That Child Immigrant Crisis During Obama Administration Was ‘Kept Very Quiet’


Because of the controversy and heavy media focus on U.S. authorities separating illegal immigrant families at the south border, a Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar admitted that the crisis of minors crossing the border during the Ex-President Obama’s administration was ‘kept very quiet.

Democratic lawmaker Henry Cuellar told CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield how some photos of children being kept in cages are very similar to how were detained when Ex-President Barack Obama was president.

‘I released some of those photos because it was kept very quiet under the Obama administration. There were large numbers of people coming in. The Obama administration was trying to keep this quiet,’ Cuellar said.

Henry Cuellar also added that not all children housed in the centers for detention are being separated from their family because many of the illegals cross the border without kids.

‘It’s not a matter that every single child that we have in those centers are being separated because some of them are coming alone,’ he said.

Several Democratic lawmakers over the weekend went to the immigration detention center in New Jersey to require the officers to let them see some of the detainees.

Representative Carolyn Maloney wrote on Twitter that ‘after having to deal with’ law enforcement and ‘banging on the door,’ they were allowed to meet with some of the detainees.

We can trace most of our issues faced in this country back many, many Presidents. We have bleeding hearts for those from other countries yet ignore homelessness here on our own soil. We have career politicians who drag their feet in finding solutions because they don’t agree with the party in office.

We Americans need to work together to solve our issues before we take on the issues of others. Term limits. All politicians on the same health plans as the general public, paid for through their salaries not extra, take part in Social Security, no life time salary when they leave office.

It is also time for the parents to take responsibility for putting their children in this position. Why blame President Trump? The parents are the ones most responsible.