Hallie Jackson Says President Trump’s Hostage Welcoming Was A ‘Staged Production’ For TV Audience


MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson praised the President on Thursday for securing the release of the 3 Americans who were detained in North Korea, but she also commented that Trump made a ‘staged production’ for their arrival in Washington D.C.

Hallie Jackson called the release of the three hostages a ‘special moment’ and a ‘moment of intense anticipation.’ but pointed that it was ‘carefully choreographed.’

‘We have been witness to what has been remarkable several hours here at Joint Base Andrews. The President is back at the White House. The detainees, the returnees now, are at Walter Reed Medical Center.’ – Hallie said.

‘But this is something that we’ll be talking about for a while. It was a moment of intense anticipation. You had — it also (was) very carefully choreographed right? The Vice President landed, the President, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and then that plane carrying these three American citizens. What was sort of striking at the moment — and you’ve talked already about the geopolitical implications of this, what this means for the summit moving forward between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un,’ she added.

‘Donald Trump is a former reality show producer,’ Hallie asserted. ‘This was a staged production meant for television; meant for the cameras, meant to be shown and seen here in this country and around the world.’

‘You had floodlights lighting up this 30 x 50-foot American flag, hanging in between two ladder trucks, as the plane carrying these men rolled in,’ she continued.

‘This moment when the president and first lady holding hands went up the stairs, spending six minutes in private conversation and then unexpectedly, because we didn’t think that was going to happen, unexpectedly coming over with these men and taking a number of questions from reporters.’

The hostages were welcomed by President Trump, First Lady Melania and Vice President Mike Pence in a 3 a.m. arrival at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. This day will be remembered in our history, doesn’t meter how liberal reporters put it.

After more than a year in captivity, the three men are reportedly healthy and in great condition. They are being released to their families after being debriefed by officials.

God Bless these amazing people who welcomed these Americans home.