Harris Faulkner Posted a Powerful Message Praising Sarah Sanders, Immediately Receives Backlash On Social Media


Our favorite Press Secretary had a tough week. Her faith, appearance and her job performance were publicly mocked by the comedian performing at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Even though she was sitting just 2 feet from the stage, Sarah Sanders reacted with class. Her comments about the event were nothing less either. She truly is a woman who inspires and who people should aspire to be like.

Sarah Sanders stated that she wished the comedian that made fun of her “happiness” and that she was “praying” for her.

The Press Secretary held a number of conferences after the event, where she got into shouting matches with many reporters and journalists.

However, not everyone in the media was standing against Sarah Sanders.

This Sunday, Harris Faulkner, Fox News host, posted a photo of her and Sarah Sunders on Twitter and shared a powerful message.

Harris Faulkner stated that Sarah Sanders stands on the ‘Press podium nearly every day doing one of the toughest jobs in Washington.’

‘No matter what your politics,’ she continued, ‘the high road is the goal. Watch this wife and mother of 3 drive highroad style.’

These two women are examples of true American feminism. One can only pray that young women today try to be more like Sarah Sanders and Harris Faulkner.

The Fox News host was attacked almost immediately on social media for defending Sarah Sanders. Here post on Twitter received many negative comments.

‘She stands there and defends the indefensible and stares the American people in the eyes and lies to them daily. Shes trash and history will not be kind to her.’ said one of the comments on Twitter.

Let’s help her spread this message everywhere, because our favorite White House Press Secretary could use some support in times like these.