It’s ‘Take Your Child To Work Day’ In The White House And It’s Beautiful


The White House is hosting a ‘take your child to work day’ and it is one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen recently.

It has been a busy Thursday for President Donald Trump, as he was stormed by children in the Oval Office as part of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

“Your parents are behaving very nicely for a change,” said President Trump to reporters’ children.

Well done, President Trump! Feels just like having all Congress members in the Oval Office. 🙂

One could even say that the children are more mature and better behaved than their parents.

The kids who visited the White House also got to what is going on at a “press briefing” with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her sons.

Here is Press Secretary Sarah Sanders with the help of her two kids, taking questions in the White House Press Room:

Well done Mr.President. Thank you for taking good care of our children and their future.

It is so rare to see a President that works so incredibly long & hard, every day, around the world! He’s one amazing person and how fortunate America has him as our Commander in Chief.