Judge Jeanine Blasts Jeff Sessions Labeling Him as ‘The Most Dangerous Man in America’


This Saturday, during her opening statement for “Justice” on Fox News Channel, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling him the “most dangerous man in America.”

Judge Jeanine’s comments were because she concluded that Sessions has “done nothing to make anyone responsible for the blatant corruption” seen from the 2016 election.

“[Jeff Sessions] has done nothing to make anyone responsible for the blatant corruption, the unmistakable perjury, the in-your-face obstruction of our laws that we’ve seen play out every day. He has fought the release of telling documents that will put an end to this horrible period in America’s political history.” said Jeanine.

“This man has done nothing to create confidence that wrongdoers will be accountable, answerable. He has done nothing to create confidence on the part of the American people on our system of justice.”

“And with all the power and might of the Department of Justice behind him, he continues to do nothing. He refuses to take them out in cuffs.” she added.

Judge Jeanine Pirro had another great show last night. She explained to the American people that politics is much dirtier than what we can imagine.

She is absolutely right that if the DOJ under Sessions is allowed to cover this all up, it is going to corrupt our government permanently. If there are no consequences for all of this then corruption, espionage against private citizens and political opponents, and our own government leaders interfering in our elections will continue.

We can only hope and pray that Jeff Sessions is doing A LOT, quietly, behind the scenes, with he and President Trump doing a “good cop, bad cop” routine to keep the spotlight off of Sessions’ investigations and efforts. Please, God, let this be the case!

Yet, it’s funny how we still can’t hear any Democrat whining about Jeff Sessions. If he was doing something serious, quietly or otherwise, we would be inundated by the media telling us how Sessions was trying to undermine our “democracy.” The media doesn’t like “Constitutional Republic.”

Most of the American people have no idea what’s about to happen. All we can do is try to pay more attention and hope that the swamp is going to be massively drained very soon.