“MAGA For Miles” Trump Supporters Line Up 2 Days In Advance To Attend Trump’s Dallas Rally


President Donald Trump will be in Dallas on Thursday evening for a mega rally at the American Airlines Center.

The Dallas arena will hold 20,000 Trump supporters and thousands more people will be outside the arena as well.

This is President Donald Trump’s 6th trip to Texas this year.

The mainstream media continues to push their narrative that over 50% of Americans want President Trump to be removed from office, but in reality, Donald Trump’s approval rating is hovering around 50% despite the sham impeachment inquiry.

Some Trump supporters were lined up two days in advance to attend the Dallas rally. The gesture was named “MAGA for miles” and it really is what is says.

Dozens of Trump supporters have camped out, sleeping in tents and lawn chairs outside the arena. The Dallas Morning News reported that the first person in line got there Tuesday.

North Texans were also lining up to see the president, many supporters drove in from across the state. One man, for whom this will be his 58th Trump rally, flew in from Las Vegas, The Dallas Morning News reported.

On Thursday morning, Trump supporters were lined up for several blocks and the line kept getting bigger every hour. Trump’s rally in Dallas begins at 8 PM CT.

This picture was taken 3 blocks away from American Airline Center in Dallas. People were lined up for as much as 2 days in some cases.