MSNBC Political Analyst: ‘I Would Slit My Throat’ If I Had To Sit Through Sarah Sanders’ Press Briefings


During his appearance on MSNBC on Friday, political analyst John Heilemann indicated that WH press sec. Sarah Sanders’ press briefings were so unbearable that he would kill himself if he had to attend one of them.

Heilemann was speaking with the White House reporter Kristen Welker and MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace who asked Sarah Sanders about the controversial comment one of the WH’s aides reportedly made.

Aide Kelly Sadler reportedly downplayed Senator McCain’s influence on the nomination process for Gina Haspel, saying that he was ‘dying anyway‘ due to his diagnosis of brain cancer.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace suggested that President Trump should fire his assistant Kelly Sadler.

Wallace asked how a reporter like Kristen Welker could sit through the briefings. She compared White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to ‘Baghdad Bob,’ which is the nickname of the man who was delivering incorrect press briefings during the Iraq war.

During the White House press briefing, Sarah pushed away questions about the Kelly Sadler comment, saying she wouldn’t validate a leak from an internal staff meeting.

Calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ press briefings a ‘horror show,’ MSNBC political analyst Heilemann praised the press corps for trying to expose the ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘lies’ coming from the White House.

‘I could not go down there and do what Kristen Welker did today. I could not. I would slit my throat after about maybe two of those briefings if I had to sit in that room every day,’ he said.

‘If Baghdad Bob didn’t say what Saddam Hussein wanted him to say, Baghdad Bob would have been shot,’ Republican strategist Steve Schmidt added on that. ‘Sarah Sanders is lying of her own volition.’