New Emails Show That James Comey Seemingly Coordinated His Russia Testimony With Robert Mueller


A government watchdog group revealed new emails this Thursday in which they exposed that the ex-FBI Director James Comey seemingly coordinated his testimony last year before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee with the special counsel Robert Mueller.

According to The Daily Wire, top-level FBI officials advised the former FBI Director Comey to ‘consult’ with Robert Mueller before testifying in front of any congressional committees regarding the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and the firing of James Comey as FBI Director by the Trump administration.

Journalist Sara Carter notes:

It is the first time evidence reveals there was coordination between the Special Counsel and Comey in the long drawn out controversial Mueller investigation.’

Right after James Comey was fired, his then Chief of Staff James Rybicki sent an email to FBI Deputy Director David L. Bowdich, FBI Deputy Director McCabe, and other that said:

‘Please see a DRAFT response to Director Comey (below). I will hold pending further direction….


In response to your emails below we have consulted with executive management here, including the General Counsel, and recommend the following:

1. That your counsel convey any acceptance or declinations to invitations to testify directly to the Committees.
2. That your counsel consult with Special Counsel Mueller to determine the timing of any such testimony and,
3. The Office of General Counsel stands ready to discuss with you in consultation with the Department of Justice and the Special Counsel, institutional privileges or prerogatives that may be presented by any such testimony.’

Judicial Watch also reported that sources have indicated that James Comey’s ‘opening statement and subsequent testimony were coordinated with Mueller.

James Comey said at the hearing that he intentionally leaked his memos that allegedly documented his interactions with President Donald Trump, which include classified information for appointing of a special counsel.

‘I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. Didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons. I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. I asked a close friend to do it.’ James Comey said during his testimony.

Weighing in on the newly revealed emails, Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, blasted James Comey for his actions.

‘These documents show that James Comey, who was fired by the president, nevertheless had easy, friendly access to the FBI as he prepped his infamous anti-Trump testimony to the Senate. This collusion led to Comey’s attacking President Trump and misusing FBI records as part of a vendetta against the president.’ Fitton said.