Not A Single CNN Show Is In The Cable News Top 20 – The Networks Ratings Dramatically Drop


CNN’s ratings continue to tank, as many American viewers are choosing to watch other cable news channels like Fox News or MSNBC.

The networks’ consistent critics of President Trump and his policies are costing them a lot more than they expected. Their constant bias and outright lies are slowly destroying their ratings. CNN commentators like Don Lemon and Ana Navarro have been doing nothing but attacking President Trump in every chance they get.

Forbes came out with a report saying: ‘CNN had significant declines in February, with ratings dropping 19% in total day and 16% in prime, where the network returned an average audience of 979,000 total viewers–behind MSNBC (1.805 million) and Fox News (2.766 million).’

Another measure was published showing that not a single CNN show even cracked the top 20 for viewers in weekday cable news this February.

As we all know, many of CNN’s anchors and commentators are constant critics of our President. Fox News’ host like Sean Hannity, meanwhile, is the ratings king, with host Tucker Carlson right behind him.

The only show that get into the top 25 was ‘Anderson Cooper 360,’ standing at the 24th spot. Fox News shows like ‘Ingraham Angle’ and ‘The Five’, as wel as MSNBC’s show ‘All In with Chris Hayes’ are beating all of CNN’s shows.

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC is also doing well, standing at the 3th position, right behind Tucker Carlson.

CNN’s shows have much lower ratings than the same period last year. Compared to last year, the networks ratings for the week of February 12-18 were 27% lower than the ratings from 2017.

The Daily Caller also reported that this comes on the heels of a report last week that CNN suffered a 30% drop in ratings during the week of February 5–11.

One thing is clear by now, American viewers are losing their trust in CNN and they do had it coming!