White House Announces Major Update on Melania’s Recovery – Worried Americans’ Prayers Are Answered


Our First Lady Melania Trump had a successful kidney surgery and today she was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where she remained in recovery for few days.

The White House released a statement, answering the prayers of thousands of our fellow Americans who were concerned in the past days for her health and well being.

‘The First Lady returned home to the White House this morning,’ the statement read.

‘She is resting comfortably and remains in high spirits. Our office has received thousands of calls and emails wishing Mrs. Trump well, and we thank everyone who has taken the time to reach out.’

On Monday, Melania underwent the procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where she stayed to recover and rest for several days.

Many of our citizens were worried about the First Lady’s health, but on Wednesday Melania tweeted that she’s feeling good and is looking forward to getting back home and thanked all for the good wishes and prayers.

‘A sincere thank you to Walter Reed Medical Unit @WRBethesda & to all who have send good wishes & prayers! I am feeling great & look forward to getting back home @WhiteHouse soon.’ – The First Lady tweeted.

The White House confirmed that the First Lady’s kidney surgery was successful.

President Trump, who stayed at the White House during the procedure but had visited Melania in the hospital, also revealed that she is in ‘good spirits’ and ‘doing really well’.

‘Heading over to Walter Reed Medical Center to see our great First Lady, Melania. A successful procedure, she is in good spirits. Thank you to all of the well-wishers!’

‘Our great First Lady is doing really well. Will be leaving the hospital in 2 or 3 days. Thank you for so much love and support!’ – President Trump tweeted.

A few hours ago, on his Twitter account the President thanked everybody for their wishes and prayers addressed to his beloved wife:

‘Great to have our incredible First Lady back home in the White House. Melania is feeling and doing really well. Thank you for all of your prayers and best wishes!’