Adam Schiff Gives The Dems 24 Hours To Review & Sign Off The Impeachment Report

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff reportedly plans to circulate his just-completed impeachment report on President Trump for just 24 hours before forcing a final binding vote on the matter.

“Lawmakers on the panel will get a 24-hour review period, according to internal guidance sent to committee members,” Politico confirmed on Saturday.

It is also unclear why they need to even review it, unless they played no role in helping draft the report. In fact, it’s also unknown who exactly wrote it.

However, in describing the report, NBC has referred to it as “Chairman Adam Schiff’s impeachment report,” which suggests that Schiff himself wrote it.

Either way, Schiff intends to begin circulating the report on Monday — after which he plans to force a final binding vote on the matter on Tuesday, as the BPR reported.

Of course, this is technically unnecessary, given as the committee’s Democrat majority is reportedly fully intent on approving the report so that it may be sent to the House Judiciary Committee and part two of the impeachment proceedings may commence.

But to make matters even more weird, even this step is unnecessary. And its because Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has already scheduled his first round of hearings to begin this upcoming Wednesday and even invited President Trump to attend them.

As for why both Schiff and Nadler seem hellbent on rushing the impeachment process, commentator Byron York has speculated that it’s because of the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

“At the moment, there are six Democratic senators running for president … Instead of campaigning, though, they will be chained to their desks in the Senate chamber in Washington for the duration of a Senate impeachment trial. That’s not the best way for a candidate to spend the weeks leading up to caucuses and primaries,” he notes.

He suspected that potential impeachment fatigue may also play a role as well.

“Some recent polls have shown public support for impeachment leveling off and even tipping downward,” he argues. “The public has already been through years of the Trump-Russia investigation, culminating in this year’s aborted effort by Democrats to impeach the president on the basis of the Mueller report. Then, in September, Democrats turned on a dime and sought to impeach him in the Ukraine matter.”

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