AG Barr Accuses The Dems Of “Projecting” In Claims That Trump Might Refuse To Leave Office If He Loses

In an interview with John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, Attorney General William Barr rejects the idea that President Trump would stay in office and refuse to leave if he loses as Democrats are “projecting.”

Barr explained “Instead of loyal opposition, it became the resistance. There are undoubtedly many people in the government who surreptitiously worked to thwart the administration.”

Barr then quipped “You know liberals project.”

He continued “You know, the president is going to stay in office and seize power and all of this sh*t. I’ve never heard of any of that crap,”

“I mean, I’m the attorney general,” he continued.

“I would think I would have heard about it. They are projecting. They are creating an incendiary situation where there will be loss of confidence in the vote.”

“Someone will say the president just won Nevada. ‘Oh, wait a minute! We just discovered 100,000 ballots! Every vote will be counted!’ Yeah, but we don’t know where these freaking votes came from,” AG Barr added.

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