Black Trump Supporter Slams Group Of White BLM Protesters In Viral Video, They Leave The Scene Immediately

A viral видео он Instagram shows a black Trump supporter interacting with several white Black Lives Matter supporters and referring to them as “self-hating hypocrites.”

They asked me,” the man wearing a pro-Trump hat says, pointing to the BLM protesters in the background. “’Do you believe black lives matter?’ I said, ‘Hell, I’m black. Of course, my life matters.’”

The group of protesters begin to walk away after the man, who goes by Royale Dinero on Instagram, accuses the group of being racist.

“Black lives only matter when they agree with white liberals,” a man accompanying Dinero can be heard saying to the group.

Dinero then sarcastically referred to videos on social media showing white people kissing the shoes of black people and kneeling before them by asking the group to do the same to him.

“That’s what you support,” he said. “You support people that tell you to kiss their shoe because you’re white. You’re pathetic. You’re pathetic if you sit up there and want to support people who tell you that you need to act a certain way because you’re white.”

At the end of the video, Dinero turns to the camera as the group continues to walk away and refers to them as “racist liberals” and “little sheep.”

Dinero ends the conversation by saying, “Have a blessed day! Be blessed in the Lord.”

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