Candace Owens Accuses Dem. Governor Of Lying To The World, Demands His Resignation

On Friday, Candace Owens blasted Gov. Ned Lamont of lying about the recent baby death of coronavirus.

“Here it is! @GovNedLamont pressed today about my earlier report that he LIED about the infant #coronavirus death. Look at this coward as he’s too scared to answer—now claiming they have no idea how the baby died!” Owens tweeted.

“It was an at-home tragedy. He should be forced to RESIGN for this,” she added.

Earlier, Candace Owens tweeted a periscope video accusing Gov. Lamont of lying about an infant dying due to coronavirus.

She responded directly to Lamont, writing: “Since word is getting out— I can now confirm that the infant in CT was accidentally suffocated by its caretaker, who then called the police. @GovNedLamont KNEW this, & then lied to the world by linking it to the #coronavirus because he wants more Federal money. He should RESIGN”

“These were @GovNedLamont’s exact words about the death in a press conference before I exposed his lie: Probably the youngest person ever to die of COVID has died here in Connecticut”

“He should honestly be imprisoned for this LIE, which traumatized mothers worldwide.”

“In light of the discovery that @GovNedLamont counted an infant suffocation toward his state’s #coronavirus death total, I am calling on @realDonaldTrump to issue an audit of ALL death certificates related to COVID-19. State Health Depts are NOT medical examiners,” she said in another tweet.

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