Senator Hirono Asks Judge Barrett If Her Work On Bush V Gore “Creates An Appearance Of Conflict”

Wednesday, Democrat Senator Hirono asked Judge Amy Coney Barrett “do you think having 3 justices who have worked on the republican side on Bush v Gore, you’re one of those justices, should you be confirmed?”

Hirono also said that it “creates an appearance of conflict if an election case involving a President who nominated you comes before the court and i’m basically out of time so i’d like a yes or no answer.”

Barrett told Hirono “Listen, Senator Hirono I answered that question before and said any question of whether there was an appearance of partiality probably would be one for all justices involved to consider under the recusal statute.”

She also further clarified “What I meant to say is that in every case, judges have an obligation to consider the issues and they may conclude, ‘No.’ What I meant to be saying was just not to take a position.”

Barrett said she wanted to clarify that “the work that some of the justices may have done on Bush v. Gore is reason to recuse, that is certainly not what I meant.”

She said, “What I meant is that in every case, judges have an obligation to consider the issues and they may conclude, ‘No.’ What I meant to be saying was just not to take a position.”

Blumenthal Asks Judge Barrett “Do You Believe Human Beings Cause Global Warming?”

Moments ago, Democrat Senator Blumenthal asked Judge Amy Coney Barrett “do you believe that human beings cause global warming?”

Barrett replied that she is not qualified to answer and whatever her opinions would be are not relevant to the work she would do as a judge.

Blumenthal also asked Barrett to think about how she would feel if she were LGBTQ and heard a Supreme Court nominee decline to answer on the questions of whether the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage, was properly decided.

Barrett described climate change as “a very contentious matter of public debate.”

Kamala Harris later on Wednesday again pushed Judge Barrett on where she stands on climate change. Harris said that Barrett made it clear she believes climate science is “debatable” after the Supreme Court nominee said she would “not express a view on a matter of public controversy, especially when it’s politically controversial.”

In response to a question from GOP Sen. John Kennedy on climate change Tuesday, Barrett also said, “You know, I’m certainly not a scientist.”

“I have read things about climate change — I would not say I have firm views on it,” Barrett went on to say.

Sen. Cruz: “Barrett Is Going To Be Confirmed By This Committee & By The Full Senate”

Today, Texas Senator Ted Cruz declared “The last three days of hearings have revealed very good news.”

He added “they have revealed the news that Judge Barrett is going to be confirmed by this committee and by the full Senate”

Senator Ted Cruz “With two full days of questioning, we have seen that our Democratic colleagues have very few questions raised about judge Barrett‘s qualifications…”

“Instead, much of this hearing is focused on political attacks, attacks directed at President Trump.”

Sen. Ted Cruz also warned Wednesday that “the next fight” Republicans will face if Democrats assume control of the Senate will center on court packing. He railed against the practice, and used several prominent Democrats’ own words on the subject to support his case.

Cruz joined other Republicans in speaking out against the concept of one party exerting power by increasing the size of the Supreme Court so they can confirm judges whose philosophies are in line with their own.

Haley Rips Pelosi Over Viral Spat With Wolf Blitzer – “When They’re Asked They End Up Acting Like This”

Former U.S Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley blasted Nancy Pelosi Tuesday, over her viral contentious exchange with CNN Host Wolf Blitzer.

Nikki Haley wrote “They are so used to not having to answer hard questions.”

“And when they are asked they end up acting like this,” she added.

During their viral spat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resorted to mocking Wolf Blitzer and suggesting he and his colleagues are “apologists for the Republican position.”

Pelosi also mockingly and sarcastically tells Blitzer “thanks you for your sensitivity to our constituents needs.”

Blitzer pressed Pelosi on negotiations over a potential new stimulus deal in the wake of President Donald Trump seemingly reversing his position and backing an additional aid package.

Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have yet to come to terms on the framework for a new deal, and Blitzer displayed a tweet from Rep. Ro Khanna, a South Bay Democrat, who urged Pelosi to strike a deal with the Trump administration instead of waiting for a potential Biden victory in November.

Warren Makes “Clucking” Sound While Claiming Trump Is “Chicken” To Debate Joe Biden

Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on the show “The Real” and made “clucking” sounds after suggesting President Trump was too chicken to debate Joe Biden virtually.

Elizabeth Warren said “He knows that he just got spanked in that first debate.”

“He got out there and he blustered and he strutted around. And a lot of Americans who might have been on the fence, might have supported him the last time around said, ‘I’m done with this guy.’”

“So I think that’s the main reason he didn’t show up,” Sen. Warren said.

Last week President Trump said that he wouldn’t engage in a virtual debate with Biden, after the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced that the planned Oct. 15 event would not be in-person to protect the health of those involved.

Trump — who announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 days after the first debate — called a virtual debate a “waste of time,” claiming without evidence that the CPD is “trying to protect” his Democratic opponent.

The debate scheduled for this Thursday has been canceled, but one set for Oct. 22 is still on the books.

Biden’s campaign has announced that on Thursday he will instead participate in an ABC town hall.

Jim Jordan Hits Back At Joe Biden After His Remarks On Court Packing & Barrett Nomination

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs, and fired back at Joe Biden’s remarks on court packing and the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

On Monday, Joe Biden said at a campaign event “I’ve already spoken: I’m not a fan of court packing, but I don’t want to get off on that whole issue. I want to keep focused.”

Joe Biden has refused to give direct answers on whether he would “pack” the Supreme Court if victorious.

“He should tell the American people the answer to that fundamental question, are you gonna pack the court?” Jordan told Lou Dobbs.

“And by the simple fact that he won’t answer it, sort of tells us that they’re gonna do that if in fact they would get power and control of our government,” said Jordan.

“The good news is Lou, i don’t think they’re going to,” Rep. Jordan continued. “I think President Trump is gonna win, and i think frankly his gonna win big.”

Mitt Romney Scolds Both Democrats & President Trump In His New Statement

Today, Senator Mitt Romney released a statement on “my thoughts on the current state of our politics.”

In his statement, Romney scolds both President Trump and the Democrats and says “it is time to lower the heat.”

In the statement, Senator Romney strongly criticizes President Trump for calling Kamala Harris a “monster”

He warns “The rabid attacks kindle the conspiracy mongers and the haters who take the small and predictable step from intemperate word to dangerous action,”

Senator Mitt Romney suggests “It is time to lower the heat. Leaders must tone it down.”

“The consequence of the crescendo of anger leads to a very bad place. No sane person can get away with that,” he adds.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Trump Is Trying To “Kill Off His Own Supporters” By Holding Rallies

The mainstream media has been panicking with President Trump getting better after his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Many in their circles even hoped for the President’s decline in health and some are wishing for his death.

Now that he is better, they appear to be in absolute panic mode. They didn’t want President Trump back on the campaign trail and now he’s back and stronger than ever.

On Monday evening, CNN’s Jake Tapper said that President Trump is trying to “kill off his own supporters” by holding rallies.

If it was during Barack Obama’s presidency, the entire media would staunchly support anything he did and would be praying for him to get better after a COVID diagnosis.

It is more obvious now than ever that the mainstream media is not here to help the common people, like President Trump said.

“Blessed Be The Fruit” – Filmmaker Michael Moore Attacks Judge Barret With An Edited Photo

Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore used an edited picture to attack Judge Amy Coney-Barret on Twitter Monday, the first day of her Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

In her Monday appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the masked Amy Barret was wearing a magenta dress, which Moore changed into red to look exactly the same with the red Puritan-style dress of a character from Hulu dystopian series, “The handmaid’s Tale.”

Barret is a devout Catholic and a member of another religious affiliation called People of Praise.

The Democrats have been falsely linking the judge’s beliefs to the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood (also adapted into TV series recently), where fertile women were forced to live as child-bearing slaves, and were called handmaids.

Vox reports:

The inaccurate link between the People of Praise and Atwood’s story, perpetuated by a series of confusing coincidences and uneven fact-checking, first emerged in a Newsweek article and was later picked up by Reuters. Both articles have since been corrected, but the right was furious at both. The Washington Examiner called it a “smear that just won’t die.” Fox News noted several other outlets have mentioned Barrett and The Handmaid’s Tale in the same story.

To be absolutely clear: People of Praise is not an inspiration for The Handmaid’s Tale, and the group does not practice sexual slavery or any of the other dystopian practices Atwood wrote about in her novel. But the argument over whether or not the two are connected reflects the deeply contentious atmosphere in which Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court occurs — and the immense symbolic weight “The Handmaid’s Tale” carries in American popular culture.

As expected, liberals agreed with Moore’s tweet and see it as hilarious. But Republicans came to the rescue to defend Barret and mocked Moore.

User Lesa Carroll pointed out: “Nice misogyny Mike. I disagreed with RBG’S politics but I would never diminish her accomplishments. Mrs. Coney-Barrett graduated 1st in her law class, was a professor, a wife, a mother & and a judge. I bet she did more this morning before you woke up than you have done in a week.”

Joe Biden Mocked After Saying He Is Running “As a Proud Democrat For The SENATE”

Joe Biden raised eyebrows again on Monday for comments he made on the campaign trail. However, as part of his explanation, he recalled a time when he “got in trouble” regarding the questioning of someone’s faith.

“You may remember, I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon, the governor, OK? And I took him on,” Biden said. “No one’s faith should be questioned.”

That governor was then-former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president against Barack Obama in the 2012 election. Romney was elected Utah senator in 2018.

While closing his stump speech at a campaign drive-in event in Toledo, Biden touted America’s ability to come out of a national crisis “stronger” than it was coming in.

You know, we have to come together. That’s why I’m running. I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate,” Biden said, “when I ran as a proud Democrat for vice president, and I’m running as a proud Democrat for president. But I promise you this, I will govern as an American president.”

President Trump mocked Joe Biden’s recent gaffes on social media.

“I’m running as a proud Democrat, for the Senate”. Sleepy Joe Biden today. It’s only going to get worse. It is not sustainable for our County – China will own us!!!!

“Sleepy Joe Biden had a particularly bad day today. He couldn’t remember the name of Mitt Romney, said again he was running for the U.S. Senate, and forgot what State he was in. If I did any of this, it would be disqualifying. With him, he’s just Sleepy Joe!”

Robby Starbuck wrote “He recently said “I am the Democratic Party” and I have to agree. Deceptive, mentally unsound, elitist, entirely unfit, able to be bought and a puppet for the far left. This man is not well.”

Alana Stewart wrote “This is no longer funny. Surely every American with common sense can see that this poor man is not capable of being President of the U.S. Twice now he’s said he’s running for the Senate. Don’t be duped that he’s going to unite anyone. #Biden #Senate”