Cher Says: “I Wish Trump Every Moment Of Suffering He’s Brought Our Country”

Sunday, singer and pop icon Cher wished negativity against President Trump.

The singer wrote “I wish trump every Moment Of suffering he’s Brought Our Country.”

She added “Every moment Of Pain He’s Caused Our People & 4 Every VET Hes Called Stupid Or A Loser May He Never Draw an Easy Breath,May Their Parents, Siblings,Spouses,Children Haunt His Every Worthless, Empty, Cowardice Breath”

But people were not happy with the singers negativity and responded to her post.

One Twitter user replied “I really would like us all to come together and make peace. This hate is so toxic. It isn’t good for any of us.”

Cher replied back “Disliked People,Hated What Some Have Done,But Wish My Vocabulary Was Larger,Because No Matter What We Think He’s Done,It’s Nothing 2 WHAT HES ACTUALLY DONE.ITS FELONY 2VOTE TWICE,LIE ABOUT FAKE VACCINES.ALWAYS SAID HE’D CAUSE A CIVIL WAR,HIS NATURAL INCLINATION IS 2 DESTROY”

Another Twitter user replied to Cher “I share your rage. #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace“

Cher replied back “But 1st we must fight Against Traitor Who Corrupts The Ppl’s House,& Betrays His Oath Of Office With Every Breath.trump & Putin Are Malignant Cancers, Who Together Are Hell Bent on Devouring Our Country.PUTIN WANTS JOY Of WATCHING???.trump’s Got No Soul & Wants?From?Vaccine”

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