Doug Collins Rips Nancy Pelosi For Damage She Has Done to Our Country: “Been Tearing Up Our Constitution For Last 5 Months”

Congressman Doug Collins who is the Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee dropped the hammer on Nancy Pelosi and she deserves it.

Collin appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the State of the Union Address and more importantly, House Speaker Pelosi’s disgraceful behavior.

“She symbolically tore up the House rules. She symbolically tore up due process,” he started.

“She symbolically tore up the Consitution and how we have now lowered the standard for impeachment out of the House to a petty partisan fight and that’s what the founders didn’t like,” he said.

“So her simply tearing up the speech last night, which by the way is not simply a carbon copy. The speech he gave to her was a signed copy of the commemorative speech.”

“This shows how much they disdain this president,” he added to devastating effect.

Earlier Collins took a few shots at Pelosi, “Ripping up the president’s speech is a new low, even for Speaker Pelosi.”

“But it doesn’t change the facts: America is more safe, secure and prosperous than ever before.”

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