Giuliani Rips Kamala Harris To Shreds For Her “Embarrassing” Record As a Prosecutor

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted Sen. Kamala Harris as the “worst nightmare” when she served as a public prosecutor in California.

He called out the California Democrat and Joe Biden’s new vice presidential running mate for her record, accusing her of having “flooded the prisons” during her tenure as a prosecutor, district attorney in San Francisco and the state’s attorney general.

“She was, in some cases, overly lenient and other cases ridiculously strict, and in some cases looks completely corrupt,” Giuliani told “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday. “I would say her record as a prosecutor is an embarrassment.”

Harris “prosecuted 1,500 marijuana cases” in her efforts to “impress the police,” the former New York City mayor added.

“I was a U.S. attorney for 13 years and I never prosecuted a marijuana user case. She’s one of the reasons President Trump had to pass the prison reform act because she flooded the prisons which were called in the articles in the California newspapers, mass incarceration,” Giuliani said.

While liberal voters celebrated Joe Biden’s announcement of Kamala Harris as his vice presidential pick, many critics quickly noted her past record will come back to haunt her in the coming weeks, as it did throughout her own 2020 presidential bid, most memorably when Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii nailed her during a primary debate.

Giuliani did not give Joe Biden high marks for his justice record either, noting that “ironically,” the former vice president’s only achievement was passing the 1994 crime bill when he was a senator.

“It took President Trump to have to fix that. He couldn’t fix it, Obama couldn’t fix it, President Trump had to let all of the African Americans, and some others that were put in jail for ridiculous periods of time, for just having marijuana. [Trump] had to take them out of prison. [Harris] put them there,” he said.

Calling out Harris’ “shifting” positions, Giuliani also slammed her record as a district attorney, noting how homicide rates went up under her watch.

“That alone should disqualify her. Any DA that has crime rates go up while you’re DA should go look for another job, not be in public office,” he said.

He also noted, in another Fox News interview, that a future administration under the presumptive Democratic nominee would become a “banana republic” if there was a push to prosecute Trump.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who was filling in as guest host on “The Ingraham Angle,” asked Giuliani how damaging it would be for a Biden and Harris administration to criminally prosecute Trump if the Democrats won in November.

“We would become a banana republic, Governor,” Giuliani replied. “That’s where we’re headed.”

Giuliani called out Harris as a “phony prosecutor” and a “very mean woman.”

“She prosecuted thousands and thousands of little people…She let every politically-connected person go,” he told Huckabee.

“She was a horrible prosecutor. Her conviction rate was so low that she would just plead cases out, people would just walk out,” he said, adding that the Democrat was “the worst kind of prosecutor” and “a bully.”

Giuliani doubled down on his attack of her justice record, saying she “prosecutes the little people” and avoided more controversial cases.

“I never prosecuted a single marijuana smoker. Instead, I prosecuted the heads of the mafia, the heads of the Colombian cartels,” he said of his own record in New York.

“She would run away from a case like that,” he said of Harris. “She is mean, and she is an incompetent lawyer, and she was an incompetent D.A. That’s why she plead cases down, because otherwise she would’ve had no conviction rate, she couldn’t convict anybody in trial.”

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