Hollywood Superstar Blasts The Media For Ignoring Evidence Of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Hollywood superstar and a man who is inventing ways to connect to an audience just ripped the liberal media for ignoring evidence of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

Joe Rogan just signed a massive and revolutionary $100M plus deal with Spotify and has a massive audience of hundreds of millions of listeners per month for his show across various media platforms.

He is the most popular and most influential superstar you’ve never heard of and he is sounding the alarm about Joe Biden.

The Washington Examiner reported that Joe Rogan accused left-leaning media of failing to admit that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is experiencing some level of “cognitive decline.”

Speaking with evolutionary biologist and former professor Bret Weinstein on the Thursday episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan said that media outlets have “completely ignored” repeated gaffes made by Biden on the campaign trail.

“The news media on the Left has completely ignored all of these Biden speeches that clearly show some sort of kind of cognitive decline,” Rogan said.

Last month, Joe Biden was criticized for telling The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God that people who voted for Trump instead of him weren’t black. In March, the former Delaware senator couldn’t remember the words to the Declaration of Independence.

Rogan said that while Biden’s startling and repeated gaffes could simply be nerves, the overwhelming amount of mistakes that Biden has made points to a “trend.”

“Sometimes people get really tongue-tied, and panic under pressure, and words come out all f—ed up,” Rogan said.

“That is possible. But there’s a trend. And if you go back to when he was a younger man, that trend didn’t exist.

You’re seeing a change. And the idea that as you get older, you become less comfortable with the media, less comfortable with speaking publicly, that doesn’t jive with me. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Weinstein, who was forced to resign from Evergreen State College after refusing to leave campus during a “Day of Absence” for white members of the community, said that he also saw the decline of Joe Biden’s mental acuity.

“I agree with you. I see a decline,” Weinstein said.

“But irrespective of what that is, Joe Biden is an influence peddler. He’s not an idea guy, right? He’s the same idea as Hillary Clinton in a different morphology.”

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