Jim Jordan Appears Right After Pelosi On “Face the Nation” – Blasts Her For Calling Trump An “Imposter”

On Sunday, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” following an interview by Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, blasting her irresponsibly by calling President Trump an “imposter.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, one of Trump’s strongest defenders in Congress, appeared live following the recorded interview with Pelosi.

“Four facts will never change,” Rep. Jordan pointed out. “That’s the funny thing about facts — they don’t change. The fact that we have the transcript and there was no linkage of any type of security assistance dollars for an investigation in the call. We have two guys on the call, [Ukraine] President Zelensky said no pressure, no linkage. The Ukrainians did not know that their aid was held at the time of the call. And most importantly they didn’t do anything, any specific action or investigation to get the aid released.”

“What do the Democrats tell us? … There was a quid pro quo,” Rep. Jordan added. “The scary thing is, the Democrats have been out to get this president.”

“I was struck by listening to Speaker Pelosi’s comments, her answer to your second question, she used the word ‘imposter’ talking about the president of the United States,” he continued. “Who 63 million people voted for, who won an Electoral College landslide. And yet these Democrats have been trying to get him from the start of this Congress, Congresswoman Tlaib said she wants to impeach him before any evidence.”

“Five members, think about this,” Rep. Jordan concluded, “five members of the Democrat[s], five Democrat members on the intelligence committee have voted to move forward with impeachment even before the whistle-blower complaint was filed.”

Nancy Pelosi had been asked by reporters why President Trump had tweeted about former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch during her impeachment inquiry testimony on Friday.

“Well, he made a mistake,” Pelosi responded. “And he knows her strength and he was trying to undermine it. Of course, the president appoints ambassadors but people don’t insult people especially when they are giving testimony before the Congress of the United States. I think even his most ardent supporters have to honestly admit this was the wrong thing for the president to do.”

“The president and perhaps some at the White House, what they have to know is that the words of the president weigh a ton,” she added. “They are very significant and he should not frivolously throw out insults. But that’s what he does. I think part of it is his own insecurity as an imposter. I think he knows full well that he is in that office way over his head and so he has to diminish everyone else.”

She went on to say that “What the president did was so much worse than even what Richard Nixon did,” though of course there was no indication of what exactly the President did.

In that same fuzzy and deceptive manner, Nancy Pelosi could not respond with specific charges of wrongdoing when asked if Trump’s tweets about Yovanovitch “was witness intimidation.”

“I haven’t had a lot of time to pay attention to the president’s tweets and the legal implications of them,” Pelosi replied. “I just think it was totally wrong and inappropriate and typical of the president.”

The reporter then asked what in the impeachment inquiry qualifies as an impeachable offense as the Constitution “defines as treason bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“We are unfolding the facts. That’s what an inquiry is about,” Nancy Pelosi dodged the question.

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