Joe Manchin Breaks With The Dems, Thinks Hunter Biden Should Testify Dealing Big Blow To Chuck Schumer

Yesterday, Sen. Joe Manchin broke with the Democrats and said that he would like Hunter Biden to testify.

This was a big blow to the Dems as they cannot afford to lose one more vote – as they may not even have the votes needed to call witnesses – so this is as bad as it gets for Chuck Schumer.

Manchin appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and stunned the TV hosts by saying that Hunter Biden is a relevant witness.

Not exactly the Dems company line and that’s why it is so risky for Schumer. If the Dems can’t stay together, they’ll have even less leverage than they do now.

Axios reported that Senate Democrats and Republicans are jockeying over whether to call witnesses — and, if so, who would take the stand. Republicans want Hunter Biden to testify because of unproven allegations of corruption over his work with Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

Some senators have floated a witness swap — shot down by Democratic leadership — that would see Biden take the stand in exchange for testimony from former national security adviser John Bolton.

Here you can read the exchange on “Morning Joe:”

Morning Joe: “Is Hunter Biden a relevant witness, senator?”

Manchin: “You know, I think so. I really do. I don’t have a problem there, because this is why we are where we are.”

“Now, I think that he could clear himself.”

“Of what I know and what I’ve heard, but being afraid to put anybody that might have pertinent information is wrong — no matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, and not go home and say well, I protected one. No. If it’s relevant, then it should be there.”

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