Joy Behar Claims Trump Is a Narcissist: “Incurable Disorder, Have Nothing to Fear But Trump Himself”

Joy Behar and the ladies on “The View” somehow found a way to criticize Trump for doing what they wanted – extend the social distancing order until the end of April.

Breitbart reported that co-host Joy Behar blasted the President and claimed that he is sick with “narcissism” and “incapable of empathy.”

Behar said, “Here’s the thing. Wasn’t he just retweeting about his ratings in the last 48 hours while Americans are dying all over the place? Here is the thing about him.”

“Narcissism is an incurable disorder. He has shown he is incapable of empathy, and he’ll hurt anyone who won’t praise him.”

“He hogs those press conferences and talks and talks without a care that he’s giving out false information.”

“He doesn’t take the blame for anything. He blames Obama for everything.”

“People are dying all over the place. So I have very low expectations that he will change at this point unless he or someone in his family contracts the virus.”

She snarked, “You know, to paraphrase FDR, we have nothing to fear but Trump himself. That’s how I see it.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “Well, you know, it just seems to me that Dr. Fauci said on Sunday that his dire predictions about two-point, you know, 2 million people possibly dying is what got — had an impact on Trump, and you heard Trump mention that number.”

“Two million deaths and now he’s saying if we can keep it to 100,000 deaths, that that would be a good thing.”

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