Lindsey Graham Vows To Investigate Adam Schiff & His Team: “I Want To Understand How This Crap Started”

Sen. Lindsey Graham came out firing yesterday on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures and made some of President Trump’s enemies very nervous.

Graham went after the Bidens, the FISA courts, Rod Rosenstein and Adam Schiff promising Senate investigations on the whole lot.

“The Senate Intel Committee under Richard Burr has told us that they will call the whistleblower,” the South Carolina Republican today,” said Sen. Graham.

“I want to understand how all this crap started,” Graham added before pointing at the Bidens and Adam Schiff.

“If the whistleblower is a former employee of or associate of Joe Biden, I think that would be important.”

“If the whistleblower was working with people on Schiff’s staff that wanted to take Trump down a year-and-a-half ago, I think that would be important.”

“If the Schiff staff people helped write the complaint that would be important.”

“We’re going to get to the bottom of all of this to make sure this never happens again,” Sen. Graham said.

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