Maddow Implies Hillary Not Being POTUS At Time Of Ruth Ginsburg’s Death Is a “Feminist Catastrophe”

Reacting to the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Mitch McConnell’s announced plan to vote to replace the vacant seat this year, Rachel Maddow had Hillary Clinton as a guest calling in.

Maddow lamented the fact Hillary Clinton is not the first woman President at the time of Ginsburg’s death, and called the scenario a “feminist catastrophe.”

“I think a lot of the emotion around that in the country was in part that the Republicans and Mitch McConnell had done something that really did feel like it broke the system, that really did feel like just a small D, anti-democratic assault on the process,” Maddow said.

“But it also felt like a feminist catastrophe and — and you not becoming the first woman president, despite Justice Ginsburg’s fervent belief that you would be,” the MSNBC host continued.

“That was part of how she explained that she didn’t retire during the Obama years. But also then for that Supreme Court seat to go and for the court to go that much further to the right, and then for us all to be praying for Justice Ginsburg’s health in the way we had before because of the balance of the court. It all just feels mixed together with so much emotions beyond the politics here.”

Maddow then asked “I have to ask if you feel any of that yourself or if you’re too close to it to see it in some other way that all of us feel it?”

Hillary replied “No, I’m devastated by this, Rachel. Just losing her is such a massive hole in…you know, young adulthood, my becoming a lawyer, both practicing and teaching law, looking up to her and following her career. But much more than that, it is such a devastating loss for justice and equality.”

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