Mark Levin Warns “Gutless” GOP – Don’t Give Obama a Pass On “Obamagate” & Stop Cowering To Left-Wing Media

Conservative firebrand Mark Levin set his sights on “gutless Republicans” in light of President Trump claiming his predecessor committed the “biggest political crime in American history.”

On Monday evening, Mark Levin tweeted a Politico story titled “Senate Republicans break with Trump over ‘Obamagate,’” which addressed the president encouraging lawmakers to investigate the Obama administration’s actions while investigating retired Lt. General Michael Flynn in 2016.

Some GOP lawmakers, however, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, are quoted in the piece shying away from an investigation into former President Barack Obama, as The Washington Examiner reported.

“I’m not anticipating calling President Obama,” the South Carolina Republican said, despite thinking, “the president’s got a real good reason to be upset with the Obama people.”

“Figures. Gutless Republicans who give Obama a pass and cower to his leftwing media,” Levin tweeted in response to the story.

In 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with a Russian envoy. After he switched legal teams, Flynn told the court in January that he was “innocent of this crime.” He filed to withdraw his guilty plea after the Justice Department asked the judge to sentence him to up to six months in prison — though afterward, the department said probation would also be appropriate.

Powell pressed for the dismissal of his case by arguing that the FBI unfairly treated Flynn.

The DOJ filed to dismiss criminal charges against Flynn last week. The federal judge overseeing the case has not yet publicly indicated his decision the case.

Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, cited newly released documents that raised questions about the extent to which Obama was privy to the actions taken by the FBI. Interview notes show former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates was surprised in January 2017 to learn from Obama, not former FBI Director James Comey, details about Flynn’s intercepted phone calls with the Russian diplomat.

Powell accused the former president of “absolutely” playing a role in framing her client.

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