Never-Trumper Candidate Who Loves McCain Family Switches Parties To Primary Pro-Trump Patriot In Key Congressional District

In an unexpected move, it seems a never Trumper close with the McCain family has switched parties to primary a pro-Trump patriot in key Congressional district.

It’s save to say that President Trump will be acquitted and the 2020 election will be a battle like none we have ever seen. Sure they say that about every election but no candidate can command the media’s attention like President Trump.

The Dems will have to throw everything they have at President Trump and get really nasty in the process because their candidates are lacking charisma and cannot get traction.

Congress will be equally hard-fought and the Senate may be in play. In short, the lines will be drawn and we need to make sure we identify wolves in sheep’s clothing who don’t support Trump’s America first agenda.

Media Right has reported that they reached out to the Earl for Congress Facebook page and asked when Earl switched from Independent to Republican. The response to the question didn’t answer the question. The “Earl for Congress” Facebook page response (likely by a staff member) stated “Earl Granville is a Republican and is supporting Donald J Trump for President in 2020. We are focused on defeating Cartwright and the liberal left in Nov and are pleased to have the endorsement of Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy. –Team Granville” It seems the team is less forthcoming about Granville’s party affiliation.

Media Right News also asked about an Instagram post from 2016 election, that has since been deleted, showing a Facebook post and reads “Me: I don’t like Trump. Everyone: “So you support a liar like Hillary? She should be in Jail! Me: I don’t like Hillary. Everyone: “So you support a racist like Trump!? He doesn’t stand for American values!” Me: I don’t like either. Everyone: “So you’re going to waste your vote on third party!? They’re never going to win!! Me: So…there’s no point in voting. Everyone: “ITS YOUR DUTY TO VOTE AS AN AMERICAN! YOU CAN’T JUST NOT VOTE” Literally our voting system in America.”

A source provided Media Right News with a screenshot of an Instagram post from November 8th, 2016. In the post Granville appears to agree with some comments that are posted on his Instagram post from a Facebook post, where someone stated they didn’t like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Although it appears to have been since deleted, Granville staff did not deny the authenticity of the screenshot when we contacted them.

The lack of a substantial response leaves both questions unanswered. Did Granville support Donald Trump before he became president? What motivated Granville to change his party affiliation? When did he change his party affiliation?

Another veteran that’s running for the Republican nomination, Teddy Daniels, is a former police officer, who also enlisted into the U.S. Army and served in Afghanistan. Daniels has been awarded a Purple Heart as well as a Combat Infantry Badge.

Daniels was injured in a firefight with the Taliban in 2012. A recording of the firefight went viral and helped Daniels gain notoriety. The viral video can be seen below.

Noah Wall, Freedom-Works for America Executive Director, commented on this.

“Teddy Daniels is a true conservative outsider. Daniels will work to advance President Trump’s agenda in Washington and help lower healthcare costs through competition and deregulation,” he said.

“Daniels has also committed to voting to enact much needed congressional term limits to drain the swamp of self-interested career politicians. FreedomWorks for America looks forward to supporting a steadfast conservative, Teddy Daniels.”

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