Newt Gingrich Claims Dems “Policy Of Harshness” Towards Republican SCOTUS Nominees Is Likely To Backfire

In a new Op-Ed for Fox News, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich argues that Democrats “policy of harshness and ruthlessness” towards Republicans nominees for SCOTUS will backfire.

Gingrich said that unfortunately for the Democrats, Barrett “is going to come across as professional, knowledgeable and likable.”

Newt writes “With the nomination of Judge Barrett, the Democrats face a real dilemma. Judge Barrett is incredibly smart, has an impressive career, and is well-known as a caring, compassionate person.”

“She graduated magna cum laude from Rhodes College, and then graduated first in her class at Notre Dame Law School.”

“…Judge Barrett is one of the most respected conservative jurists in the country, and conservatives have long hoped she would become a Supreme Court Justice.”

“Her personal life is as impressive as her professional life. She has seven children, two of whom she adopted from Haiti,” said Gingrich.

“Judge Barrett is going to come across as professional, knowledgeable and likable. By all rights, she should be considered a remarkable, inspirational figure to all Americans regardless of political leanings (and especially to young women).”

“The dilemma for the Democrats is they have to decide whether they will try to destroy her (as they tried with Bork, Thomas, and Kavanaugh) or to concede that she is unacceptable for liberals but acceptable (indeed preferable) to most Americans.”

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