Son Of Top Minnesota Dem Comes Clean: “I Hereby Declare, Officially, My Support For ANTIFA”

One of the leading national Democrats, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison who almost ended up running the entire DNC, got some bad news from his son on social media.

Jeremiah Ellison, a local politician, came out in support of Antifa, a group that President Trump just put on the terrorist list.

“I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA. Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US,” he said.

Fox News reported that Keith Ellison tweeted on Sunday that he is declaring his support for Antifa after the President stated that his administration would be declaring it a “Terrorist Organization.”

Jeremiah Ellison, who is a member of the Minneapolis City Council, noted in the tweet that he believes “white power” terrorists are actually the ones engaging in the looting, arson and other riot activities as violent sects hijack some of the protests against racial inequality and police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd last Monday.

Antifa is a far-left militant movement that calls itself “antifascist,” and has no defined organizational hierarchy or membership process. Antifa demonstrators have been known to travel across state lines to engage in vandalism, looting and other forms of violence in places where there is civil unrest.

It’s not clear that Antifa is behind all or even most of the violence in the widespread protests. But the movement has been a target of Republican politicians who have made clear they stand with peaceful protesters they say are justifiably angry about Floyd’s death and other racially charged interactions between African-Americans and police in recent months.

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