Crenshaw Rips Sanders With ‘Actual Solutions’ After He Slammed Overcrowded Border Facilities As ‘Inhumane’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw is telling Sen. Bernie Sanders not to “virtue signal” and start supporting “actual solutions,” as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate called the overcrowding situation at the southern border “inhumane.”

In a report released on Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General warned about the situation at detention facilities, as they are dangerously overcrowded at the El Paso sector of the border with Mexico.

As the report said, about 750 people and 900 people on May 7 and 8, respectively, were found crammed into a facility that’s supposed to hold a maximum of 125 people during an unannounced visit.

“We observed dangerous overcrowding at the facility with single adults held in cells designed for one-fifth as many detainees,” the report reads.

“Dangerous overcrowdings” like these also included 76 detainees in a cell that has a maximum capacity of 12, 41 detainees in a cell with a maximum capacity of eight, and 155 detainees placed in a cell with a maximum capacity of 35.

“We are concerned that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent an immediate risk to the health and safety not just of the detainees, but also DHS agents and officers. […] Border Patrol management on site said there is an ongoing concern that rising tensions among detainees could turn violent. […] Dangerous overcrowding among single adults in PDT requires immediate action.” The report reads.

The Vermont senator slammed the situation as “inhumane,” tweeting that “it must stop NOW.”

“We must end the dehumanization of immigrants and develop a humane policy for those at the border who seek asylum,” Bernie Sanders added.

Dan Crenshaw, a vocal member of Congress on the southern border crisis, responded to Berine Sanders as he listed out things the senator could do to make a difference.

“Maybe you won’t support actual solutions because you prefer to virtue signal about the crisis?” Dan Crenshaw concluded. While Bernie Sanders is claiming he wants a fix to the asylum process, as Dan Crenshaw pointed out, Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed a plan to fix U.S. asylum laws.

Dan Crenshaw Slams Joy Behar On Live TV After She Called Trump ‘Unpatriotic’

This Monday, Joy Behar went into full Trump and Trump supporter bashing mode. Thankfully, Dan Crenshaw was on set to shut her down.

“The View’s” co-host said on that Republicans who support President Trump should take off “those flag pins” because the president’s behavior regarding Russian meddling is “unpatriotic.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw explained that he doesn’t necessarily support Trump’s “character flaws” and reminded Americans that he has personally called for civility in the past. But the anti-Trump talk show star declared that Trump’s issues go beyond insulting rivals.

“It isn’t just that. Let’s talk about, you know, the fact that he met with Putin for 90 minutes… and never once brought up the fact that Russia, Russia interfered in our election,” said Behar.

“And he never brought it up. How is it that the Republican Party, your colleagues, can stand by this man when he is involved in this way with Russia?” she continued.

I said last week I don’t want to see any of those flag pins anymore on Republicans who don’t stand up against this guy for Russian meddling, and other things that he’s done. It seems as though he’s unpatriotic. What do you say to that?” she added.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw told Behar that she was “overstating it” and said the specific conversation was regarding Venezuela.

“I will give you this. The president has a bad habit of repeating what Putin says to the public,” Rep. Crenshaw conceded.

“He shouldn’t do that. But he also has a pretty good habit of taking actions and putting policies in place that are vehemently counter-Russia.” Crenshaw explained.

Crenshaw Shuts Down Omar’s ‘Cheap Shot’ After She Blamed The US For Venezuela Crisis

Rep. Dan Crenshaw is teaching Rep. Ilhan Omar a lesson on what’s really happening in the socialist country of Venezuela after she casted part of the blame on the United States.

“A lot of the policies that we’ve put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela,” Rep. Omar said during an interview with “Democracy Now” this week. “And we’ve sort of set the stage for where we’re arriving today.”

The freshman congresswoman’s controversial remark sparked outrage among conservatives, including Vice President Mike Pence who claimed that she is someone who “chooses socialism over freedom.”

Vice President Pence doubled down during a Fox News interview on Friday, saying that “the congresswoman doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

Rep. Omar responded to the criticism, calling it an attack on “women of color” to “make us feel small.”

Crenshaw spoke with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Friday and told her that Omar’s “opinion is one that is not based on facts or reality.”

The former Navy SEAL, whose family moved around the world for his father’s job in the oil and gas industry, including Ecuador, Colombia, even Caracas, Venezuela, said he’s watched the socialist policies “ruin the country,” adding that “it’s not U.S. policy.”

“Notice she didn’t give an example because she doesn’t have any,” Crenshaw said.

The Republican congressman gave Omar a lesson on what’s happening in Venezuela:

“What’s actually happened is through price controls and nationalization of private industry, you’ve ruined an economy. […] When you put in these kinds of socialist policies, it destroys a country. It happens over and over again. People starve. That is what’s happening right now. These failed ideas that keep bubbling up.”

“It’s a real shame to see that we have members of Congress actually defending them,” he said.

Dan Crenshaw slammed the “cheap shot” used when people cast the blame on the U.S. and then claim “if you disagree with me, you’re disagreeing with me because of my identity.”

As for military intervention in Venezuela, he said: “We don’t want to remove that [option] from the table.”

While dictator Maduro holds onto his power in Venezuela, President Trump has made it clear that he recognizes interim president Juan Guaidó as the leader.

When also asked about military intervention, President Trump told Fox News that “there’s always a tipping point, but certainly I’d rather not do that.”

Dan Crenshaw Gives Bernie Sanders a Lesson After He Shamed Republicans

The funny thing about tweeting out easily digestible talking points. They can usually be debunked with also easily digestible tweets.

Bernie Sanders learned this when he tried shaming people for not supporting Medicare for All. He felt the burn at the hands of one of our greatest congressman, Rep. Dan Crenshaw. Who basically responded with “LOLWUT?” Only in nicer, more thoughtful manner.

“Oh this is an easy one.” posted Crenshaw. “Because your plan costs $32 trillion, and bankrupts my generation.”

“It takes away private employer plans from tens of millions of Americans.” he added. “But at least you recognize that Obamacare has not worked. We need more freedom and choice, not less.”

If we set aside health policy for an instant. All it does is make us think about how difficult Obamacare has made life for loved ones. The smartest thing Rep. Dan Crenshaw did, and it’s something I’ve seen him do many times before, is frame his argument as “our generation.”

They way the left-wing sell their policies to young people is as existential, systematic crises that will specifically affect THEIR generation. While on our side people are more focused on their grandparents yelling at the TV when someone turned off Fox News and they can’t find the remote.

Crenshaw speaks specifically for his generation. The Millennials. The voters we need to convince that our policies are right, and leftist policies are just silly.

As the other side talks to their generation about giving them lots of free stuff, it helps when we have people on our side reminding HIS generation how much the free stuff will cost them.

Dan Crenshaw Slams The Dems And Their Obsession With High Taxes

This Tuesday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw slammed the Left for their obsession with high taxes so “benevolent bureaucrats” can grow government and impose more unnecessary social programs on the American public.

Why does the left hate the tax cuts? [Because] they think the people exist to fund the govt. We believe the govt exists to protect the inalienable rights of the people. When people keep their money, we get more jobs & wage growth, & less wasteful spending by ‘benevolent’ bureaucrats,” posted Crenshaw on Twitter.

Freshman rep. Dan Crenshaw also posted a video where he elaborated on the philosophical divide between the Left and Right.

“We’re talking about a difference in philosophy. We’re not just talking about tax rates,” started in Crenshaw. “It’s a question of whether the government should be taking more of your money of whether you should keep more of your money. It’s the difference in the role of government, in what we believe. It seems to me that what you all believe is that the role of government is to tax the people as much as possible so you and your benevolent fellow academics and dream up more programs for the government to spend money on. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that is what the role of government is for.”

The Republican continued: “The role of government is to protect God-given rights that we have and to ensure that we live as free as possible. The role of government is to tax people to the least extent possible, while still taxing them enough to cover basic needs for government. And if we’re questioning what those needs are we can just look at our Constitution, they’re generally pretty clear there.”

Then Dan Crenshaw disputed the notion that anecdotes of successes from lower taxes are “imaginative,” as suggested by a Democrat. “It’s literally not imagination to bring up anecdotes. It’s literally not that. It’s reality,” he said.

Then he listed quantifiable positive effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in Texas, which include increased education opportunities by $150 million at McDonalds, reduced prices for customers at CenterPoint Energy, $500 employee bonuses at Camp Construction Services, $500 employee bonuses at at Group One Automotive, and $1,600 employee bonuses at Cabot Oil & Gas.

In February of last year, James Barret from The Daily Wire reported that Republican tax cuts have significantly boosted the economy: “If first quarter tax revenues are any indication, Trumponomics is operating much like Reaganomics and producing the same kind of results: lower taxes and deregulation resulting in more economic growth and, thus, more tax revenues.” Barrett also noted that “tax revenues actually increased by $18 billion (5.2%) over the previous year, resulting in the government running a $51-billion surplus” in the first quarter after Republicans passed tax reform.”

Also, back in April, nonpartisan Tax Policy Center made an analysis that debunked the mainstream media and Democrat talking point that tax cuts are targeted for merely “the rich.”

The analysis showed “top wage earners will pay more in taxes in 2018 than they did in 2017, throwing water on the Democratic talking point that the tax cuts are only benefiting the wealthy,” The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra noted. “The top 20% of wage earners, who paid 84% of all federal income taxes in 2017, will pay 87% of all federal income taxes in 2018, an increase of 3%.”

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