Tom Cotton Warns “Dems Are Perpetuating Another Hoax” With Their Outrage Over Briefing Changes

Senator Tom Cotton appeared on Fox and Friends and accused the Democrats of “perpetuating yet another hoax” with their outrage over briefing changes.

Steve Doocey asked Cotton: “There are certain members of congress who can’t keep a secret. They are leaking national security intel, which the leaking of that is a felony. but so far nobody’s really gotten in big trouble over it so why not?”

Tom Cotton replies “Well Steve, this is just the Democrats perpetuating yet another hoax.”

“What Director Ratcliffe is saying is we’re going to continue with the model we’ve used for more than 40 years…”

“The members of the House and Senate intelligence committees are going to continue to receive the kind of in person briefings we receive on every topic that is relevant to the intelligence committee’s work.”

Cotton then clarified “What he’s not going to continue, what he doesn’t have to continue what he did at the request of congressional leaders is in person briefings for all 535 members of congress, that obviously led to leaks of information over the last month.”

“We cannot allow that to continue,” Senator Tom Cotton concluded. Watch the video bellow:

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