“Tragedy, Stupid, Enemy Of Common Sense” John Kerry Rips Trump On Environmental Rules

President Trump has often accused John Kerry of violating the Logan Act on numerous occasions, and while Trump has not gone after him, we have the law for a reason.

We can only have one president at a time – that is the only way this works. People can disagree with some of President Trump’s moves but the premise – that China has tricked us and is using that gain to now bribe and corrupt institutions like the WHO is not to be denied.

That is Joe Biden’s problem, and he doesn’t even know he has yet – you can argue for a different plan to deal with this mess but if you deny there is a mess you are not going to win many votes in November.

From Yahoo: “It’s a tragedy. It’s stupid. It’s absolutely counterproductive,” Kerry said during an interview on Yahoo News’ “Skullduggery” podcast when he was asked about the Trump administration’s controversial decision that day to loosen rules on the release of mercury and other toxic chemicals from coal and oil-fired power plants.

“George Orwell never conceived of quite such a topsy-turvy situation,” he added. “And I don’t think anybody’s ever dreamt we’d have a president who’s quite such an enemy of common sense and facts and science.”

Noting the President’s criticism of the WHO for failing to adequately alert the world to the danger from the coronavirus’s spread in China, Kerry responded: “I wouldn’t say our Congress is working very effectively. There are a whole bunch of institutions here that aren’t working effectively.”

“And so don’t be surprised that you find a hiccup here or there in some international institution.”

But, he added, the WHO should actually be “strengthened” with more funding if the United States wants to be prepared for the next pandemic.

“This is the moment they need to be fully funded, and even plussed up in terms of their budget,” Kerry said.

“And when the president pulls out support for the WHO, he’s not just hurting them immediately in terms of their budget.”

“He is hurting us, because the World Health Organization is critical to managing the health crises of the world.”

“And if you don’t want the next pandemic to hurt us, the last thing you ought to do is be defunding the World Health Organization.”

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