Trump Reminds Romney Who’s Boss, Puts The Dems On Notice For 2020 In Rousing CPAC Speech

“They want to take away your money, take away your choice, take away your speech, guns, take away your religion, take away your history, future, and take away ultimately your freedom. But we will never let them do that,” President Trump said bringing down the house at CPAC.

“All of the 9/11 hijackers came here on visas and we are determined to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. And we’re keeping them out,” Trump added.

President Trump also thanked the Republicans for sticking together through all the Dems mudslinging and mocked Mitt Romney.

“Except Romney,” Trump said as the crowd booed.

“He got some good publicity,” President Trump said. “He’s a low life.”

Trump went after the Dem field summing it up quite nicely: “They got some beauties… crazy Bernie, Sleepy Joe, we got mini Mike, but I think he’s out of it.”

“Mini Mike, I know him very well,” President Trump said.

“I knew that was going to happen – that was probably the worst debate performance of any presidential debate.”

“Boy, did Pocahontas destroy him,” President Trump added.

“And look what I did to her. She went out and got a test. Remember when I said I have more Indian blood in me than she does, and I have none.”

“Would love to have some, but I have none. She was really mean to mini Mike, I’ll tell you, the way she treated him,” he said.

President Trump said of Bloomberg’s terrible debate, “Oh, get me off the stage.”


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