Tucker Rips Nancy Pelosi Over Body-shaming: “People With Glass Faces Shouldn’t Throw Stones”

On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that if unhealthy behavior genuinely concerns her, Nancy Pelosi should examine her own actions instead of bashing President Trump for simply following his doctor’s orders.

His concern was specifically with the House Speaker’s alleged habit of using potentially deadly botox treatments to make herself look years younger than her real age.

He began the segment on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” by addressing the House speaker’s hypocrisy.

“Nancy Pelosi believes that abortion is a sacred medical decision,” he said. “It’s a choice that involves a woman and her doctor, and that’s it — everyone else can shut up and applaud. But on the question of how to treat the coronavirus, Pelosi is happy to judge.”

“After the president announced yesterday that his physician gave him a drug called hydroxychloroquine as protection against the virus, Pelosi exploded. This is one medical decision Nancy Pelosi does not believe should remain between a patient and a doctor.”

She exploded by saying that she’d “rather [Trump] not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists [at the FDA], especially in his age group, and in his, shall we say, weight group — which is morbidly obese.”

“Now, we on this show make a real effort not to mock people for how they look,” Carlson continued. “It isn’t always easy, but we really do try. Nancy Pelosi should try too. Why? Well here’s a recent picture of Nancy Pelosi. She turned 80 years old in March. Does she look 80? No. More like 37. How is that possible?”

“If you guess diet and exercise, we’re not going to argue with you because we don’t know for sure, and we don’t really want to know. But we would remind the speaker of the House that people with glass faces should not throw stones.”

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