Wallace Claims Trump “Bears Primary Responsibility” For What Happened During The Presidential Debate

During an interview on Fox News Fox News host Chris Wallace claimed that President Trump was responsible for what happened during the Presidential debate.

The Fox News host and debate moderator was under heavy criticism about how he handled the Presidential candidates during the debate.

“I think the president made a mistake because so often, he would butt in and prevent Joe Biden from answering or not answering,” Wallace said.

“I think he would have been well advised, not that he needs my advice in the next two debates, let Biden answer, then you can pick apart.”

Wallace also claimed that the President should’ve let Joe Biden speak more, as his answers “weren’t that great.”

Americans were divided on their thoughts about how the debate went through. However, it’s fair to say that a lot of people think President Trump won the debate, even if he had to battle against two opponents.

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