Washington Post Columnist Suggests Congress Should “Defund Walter Reed Medical Center”

Washington Post opinion columnist Jennifer Rubin suggested that Congress should “defund Walter Reed” National Military Center, the hospital where President Trump is undergoing treatment for COVID-19.

The Daily Caller reported that Rubin was previously WaPo’s “conservative opinion writer” and now is the publication’s “NeverTrump, pro-democracy opinion writer,” according to her Twitter.

Since the President announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, Rubin has made several posts on social media regarding Trump and the virus.

She suggested Congress should “defund Walter Reed” after Trump announced he would be leaving the hospital Monday evening.

“It is a public health hazard,” she wrote.

Rubin also suggested that the White House “should be evacuated if” President Trump returns and begged for first lady Melania Trump and their son Barron Trump to be removed. Melania tested positive for COVID-19, Barron tested negative.

“Oh, Walter Reed MD’s, is your malpractice insurance paid up?” Rubin added in another tweet.

“Walter Reed MDs are morally and professionally responsible for allowing this,” she continued in one of multiple tweets regarding President Trump and more.

Rubin also said Trump’s “doctors will be responsible” if the president “falls ill and relapses or infects anyone else.”

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