“Watch Your Mouth” – Insults Were Flying After Kayleigh McEnany Took Mayor Lightfoot To Task On Chicago Violence

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot continued her disrespect directed toward the Trump administration by calling out White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany as a “Karen” on social media.

On Thursday, the Democrat mayor fired back at McEnany in a tweet, telling her to watch her mouth after she referred to Lightfoot as a “derelict mayor” during a press briefing at the White House.

McEnany had continued the criticism of Chicago’s Democratic leadership during the briefing on Thursday, saying Lightfoot was “doing a very poor job at protecting her streets,” and calling her the “derelict mayor of Chicago.”

After Brian Bennett, White House correspondent for Time Magazine, tweeted the dig by McEnanay, Lightfoot responded.

“Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth.” she wrote, using a term which, according to Urban Dictionary, is the “stereotypical name associated with rude, obnoxious and insufferable middle aged white women.”

The White House press secretary had noted Chicago’s ongoing problem with violence during the briefing Thursday, responding to a question by pointing out how the president has to focus on “Democrat cities not controlling their streets.”

The surge in gun violence in the city has led to a 48% increase in murders since this time last year, according to police department statistics.

“I’ve listed for you the names of these kids who have died across this country. It is unacceptable, and under this President, he’ll take action,” McEnany said in response to a question. “And the derelict mayor of Chicago should step up and ask for federal help because she’s doing a very poor job at securing her streets.”

Lightfoot trashed President Trump for his criticism last month, accusing him of trying to score “cheap political points” and declaring that “I don’t need leadership lessons from Donald Trump.” Earlier this month, the Democrat addressed the skyrocketing crimes in her city, where more than a dozen people died over the July Fourth weekend, telling CNN that COVID-19 has been a contributing factor to the increase.

In May, Lightfoot had displayed her disrespect for the president during a news briefing.

“I will encode what I really want to say to Donald Trump. It’s two words: It begins with ‘F’ and it ends with ‘U.’” she said.

The Democrat continued pointing fingers at everyone else but herself, claiming this week that there are “too many illegal guns on our street” which is the “direct result of a failure of federal leadership.”

On the same day that 13 people were shot, three fatally, in the city, and as Lightfoot warned that she would reinstate restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19, she addressed the apparently pressing issue of Census completions, announcing this week that she will be sending out the “Census Cowboy” to communities in an effort to get residents to fill out their 2020 Census forms.

McEnany has not yet responded to the insulting tweet by Chicago’s elected official, though she shredded the “media bias” for misquoting her on the science of coronavirus and the reopening of schools. But Twitter users filled in the gap for the press secretary, slamming Lightfoot for her tweet.

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