President Trump Reveals That His Biggest Mistake Was Appointing Jeff Sessions As Attorney General

President Trump appeared on an interview with MSNBC host Chuck Todd and told him his biggest regrets of his first term as president.

President Trump told host Chuck Todd that if he could have one do-over it would be his personnel. “I would say if I had one do-over, it would be, I would not have appointed Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.”

“That’s your, in your mind, that’s your worst mistake?” host Chuck Todd asked the President.

“Yeah, that was the biggest mistake.” President Trump replied.

He is correct. Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions proved to be a disaster for his first two years because the Justice Department got hijacked by Deep State criminals.

After recusing himself and allowing Rosenstein and Mueller to hijack the Justice Department for 2 years – former Attorney General Jeff Sessions had the gall to say back in April that it’s time to move past the Mueller probe.

Thankfully President Trump fired Jeff Sessions in November and brought on Bill Barr to be his new Attorney General. Bill Barr took control of Robert Mueller’s witch hunt and immediately shut it down.

Jeff Sessions cited the wrong law when he recused himself from the Russia investigation and all things Hillary Clinton the first day on the job.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein became the de facto AG and quickly appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller and also gave him permission to rove around unchecked in a massive, $35 million witch hunt.

The 3 of them and over other angry, crooked Democrat donors on the special counsel’s team ruined many reputations over the past 2 years with perjury traps and damaging leaks to mainstream media.

General Mike Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Carter Page were targeted for ruin — Manafort ended up in solitary confinement and sentenced to over 10 years in prison, as reported by the The Getaway Pundit.

Mike Flynn, a three-star General, was forced to sell a home after being buried in legal fees thanks to Robert Mueller’s witch hunt.

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