Acosta Shares Video Of Trump Rally Crowd Chanting “CNN Sucks” Behind Him, Complains “This Isn’t Normal”

Wednesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta shared a video of a crowd at a Trump rally behind him chanting “CNN sucks! CNN sucks!”

“This happens at just about every Trump rally,” Acosta wrote.

“I’ve covered five presidential campaigns… long enough to know this isn’t normal.”

“Sometimes I’ll scan the crowd, not for the folks who are chanting but for the people who look back at me silently, letting me know they know it’s wrong.”

Acosta’s tweet received a mixed response on social media.

One Twitter user fired back mockingly “”It is morally wrong to criticize me in any way” – Jim Acosta, apparently”

Another wrote “It’s almost over Jim. 6 more days.”

Raheem Kassam wrote “CNN is a cancer.”

Javier wrote “They’re brainwashed, even if Jesus Christ came back, they’d follow trump instead”

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