Activist Has Had Enough With Dems & BLM: Agenda “Has Not a Damn Thing To Do With Saving Black Lives”

Niger Innis, the spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, blasted the Black Lives Matter movement for what he sees as “hard truths” about the group’s agenda.

“They take their instructions, their guidance from the Marxist playbook,” Innis, who is black, said to Laura Ingraham about the Black Lives Matter movement this week. “Look, I’m going to tell some hard truths that people aren’t going to want to hear.”

“The BLM movement, Black Lives Matter movement, was founded by Alicia Garza and a number of other co-founders that were promoting a hard Marxist and LGBT agenda,” Innis continued.

“Look, I don’t have a problem with people exercising their First Amendment rights. You have the right to organize, you have the right to protest, you have the right to come up with an agenda. But I’ll be goddamned if you use the suffer[ing] and misery of black Americans and our legacy to the United States of America as your shield and use us as cannon fodder when your agenda really has not a damn thing to do with saving black lives.”

Innis acknowledged that many of the protesters enraged by the death of George Floyd are innocent and mean well but are “misguided.”

Niger Innis, son of the late Roy Innis, a black American activist and politician, criticized the Black Lives Matter push to defund the police and argued that the group has its sights set on eliminating Western values as a whole.

“If you look at their agenda, defunding the police, that would put black lives in danger,” Innis warned. “But it’s even more than that, Laura. They have, as a part of their platform, on their own website that we want to disrupt — disrupt! — the Western-prescribed nuclear family.”

“They want to overthrow capitalism. They want to overthrow Western civilization, and they see America as the biggest clear and present danger to fulfilling that agenda, and they are using black people to do it.”

Innis cited the murder of 77-year-old retired police Capt. David Dorn, a black man who was allegedly murdered by a black looter in St. Louis while attempting to stop the robbery of a pawnshop, which is owned by a friend of his. Innis referred to the killers as “savages committing acts of destruction,” as the Washington Examiner reported.

“It is so gross, and for all of these corporations … that give a dollar or millions of dollars to the BLM agenda, they are destroying black lives. You want to talk about anti-black supremacy, that’s the anti-black supremacy that’s taking place,” he said before concluding with the point that “the irony … is that it’s the illusion of black supremacy and the reality of a Marxist agenda that will bury all of us.”

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