Actor Randy Quaid Defends POTUS, Asks Americans: “Is This The Way America Goes From George Washington To George Soros?”

Former Hollywood actor, Randy Quaid makes no secret of his support for President Trump. He frequently posts about draining the DC Swamp on his popular Twitter account.

Yesterday, Quaid made an interesting observation about the Biden sons, and the latest Hunter Biden scandal that should sink Sell-out Joe’s chances of becoming the next President: “In years to come the #NYPost url will become the poster for the Dems’ loss. Biden’s son Bo’s dying wish was for his father to become president, but his other son killed his chances.”

He also tweeted a powerful video warning to Americans about the importance of voting for President Trump, asking his followers, “Is this the way America goes— from George Washington to George Soros— from Oceans white with foam to a Socialist Swamp? Is this the way America goes?” he asked. “Is this really our future?”

“Trump Trumpets Reveille!” he exclaimed., adding, “And it’s time to heed the call!”

“The Framers have been framed—the people disarmed!” he warned.

“Conservative voices are silenced in schools by Anarchists left unmasked. Merry Christmas is greeted cheerlessly, even condemned!” he added.

“Is this how America goes—to a nation of godless fanatics?” he asked.

“Ring out, you bells of freedom! Sound the alarm across the land! Old Glory is being ripped to shreds by fakers and phonies and bullies and liars who want to destroy our President and redefine the sovereignty of the Supreme Court and redefine the rules!” she shouted. “A day of reckoning is nigh!” Quaid warned, begging Americans to “Wake up!”

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