Actress Patricia Arquette: “I’ve Never Seen Trumps Birth Certificate, How Do We Know Where He Was Born?”

Actress Patricia Arquette brought up the question of President Trump’s birth certificate in a pair of tweets posten on Saturday.

Patricia Arquette wrote that she had never seen the President’s birth certificate, and claimed that that somehow that is enough to question his place of birth.

“I have never seen Trumps original birth certificate. I know his mom was born in Scottland…” she posted.

“People seem to be wondering where he was really born. I guess the question needs to be asked because he seldom tells the truth.”

She added in a separate tweet “How do we know where he was born?”

According to Wikipedia, Donald Trump was born in Queens, NY June 14, 1946.

Arquette’s tweet comes after this confrontation that caused controversy between Trump and a reporter asking about Kamala Harris’ eligibility.

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