After Robert De Niro Cursed President Trump On Stage, Actress Wonders About Reception If It’d Been Obama

During the 72nd Annual Tony Awards on Sunday night, Hollywood star Robert De Niro went out to the stage to present an award, but what happened then surprised most of us.

‘I’m going to say one thing: F**k Trump,’ De Niro stated on stage. ‘It’s no longer ‘down with Trump,’ it’s ‘f**k Trump.”

According to Fox News, in the U.S. the profanity De Niro used was censored, but it wasn’t on the foreign stations.

Actress Alana Stewart was one of the first that criticized her colleague Robert De Niro for his vulgar comment about Trump at the Tony Awards.

Robert De Niro’s speech was met with a standing ovation from the attendees, and Alana Stewart wondered what it would have been like if the same comment was made about former President Barack Obama.

‘Can you just imagine what would’ve happened if an actor had said ‘F…. Obama’ on the Tony Awards?’ she tweeted. ‘[…] So disrespectful to say about any sitting president.’

In the following tweet, Alana Stewart added that she was ‘sorry to see the hate-filled, bitter man that Robert De Niro has turned into.’

Actress Alana Stewart who is also the CEO of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation wrote in his tweet that De Niro came to her house on ‘several occasions’ a few years ago and ‘always seemed nice then.’

The actress acknowledged that everyone is ‘entitled to their opinion’ but added that ‘it’s offensive to many of us to hear that kind of language on live TV.’

Stewart also wondered where all that hate for President Trump is coming from, given what she sees as major accomplishments.

‘And I’m not sure what he’s doing so terrible since unemployment is lowest in 50 years [and] black and Hispanic unemployment lowest in history,’ Stewart tweeted.

Robert De Niro’s comment about President Donald Trump, which was censored on the live broadcast, was met with a standing ovation from theater-loving attendees, but others expressed their distaste for the display online.

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