AG Barr Recruits Ivanka And Tebow To Fight Against “Modern Day Slavery” Human Trafficking, Grants Big Dollars To Save Kids Lives

The Justice Department granted over $100 million to state, local, and tribal community organizations, charities, and law enforcement to bolster the fight against human trafficking.

“The scourge of human trafficking is the modern-day equivalent of slavery, brutally depriving victims of basic human rights and essential physical needs as it erodes their sense of dignity and self-worth,” said Attorney General William Barr.

“The Department of Justice is relentless in its fight against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. Working with state and local law enforcement and community victim service providers, we will continue to bring these criminals to justice and deliver critical aid to survivors.”

One-third of the funds will be used to provide therapy, employment training, and transitional housing assistance to victims. The DOJ also allocated $22.7 million to “develop and strengthen” human trafficking task forces.

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow spoke along with AG Barr at Monday’s panel in Atlanta, explaining that his dedication to the fight against human trafficking.

“You know, the reason why we got into this was because eight years ago, my dad was preaching in a remote country, and there were four girls that he was next to that were being sold. And he took out all the money out of his wallet, which was $1,250, and he bought those four girls. And then he called me and said, ‘I just bought four girls and not really sure what to do now,’ and I said, ‘That’s OK, dad. We’ve got your back,’” Tebow said.

The Tim Tebow Foundation physically rescues victims of sex trafficking and provides long-term physical, mental, and pastoral care for survivors of sex trafficking.

First daughter Ivanka Trump told attendees of the event that President Trump was “committed to combating this crime, committed to bringing justice to the victims ― to their families ― and committed to holistic healing that is so necessary for the brave survivors.”

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