Al Sharpton Demands NFL To Hire Kaepernick, Forgets About John Elway’s Deposition: “We Offered Him a Contract”

“It’s nice to see some people change their minds,” Al Sharpton said yesterday. “The head of the NFL said, ‘Yeah, maybe we was wrong. Football players — maybe they did have the right to peacefully protest.’ Well don’t apologize, give Colin Kaepernick a job back.”

“Don’t come with some empty apology, take a man’s livelihood,” Sharpton continued. “Strip a man down of his talents and four years later when the whole world is marching, all of the sudden you go and do a FaceTime talking about you sorry. Minimizing the value of our lives.”

“You sorry, then repay the damage you did to the career you stood down. Because when Colin took a knee, he took it for the families in this building. And we don’t want an apology. We want him repaired.”

Truth is, there were a lot of NFL teams that could’ve used a quarterback over the last few years – a few former first-rounders revived their careers last season by taking backup roles and outplaying the other guy for the top spot. If he wants to compete for a spot at this point some team will do it just for the money.

Who knows what’s going on behind the scenes but we can be always reminded of this John Elway quote: “Colin had his chance here. We offered him a contract. He didn’t take it,” Elway said. “So, as I said it in my deposition, I don’t know if I’ll be legally able to say this, but he’s had his chance to be here. He passed on it.”

Al Sharpton also took some swipes at President Trump during his performance.

“When they have the highest level of government that excuses it. When some kids wrongly start violence that this family don’t condone and none of us do, the president talks about bringing in the military. But he has not said one word of 8 minutes and 46 seconds of police murder against George Floyd.”

Al went on to trash the President saying that Trump used St. John’s Church as a “prop” for his photo-op.

“You take rubber bullets and tear gas to clear out peaceful protesters and then take a Bible and walk in front of a church and use a church as a prop. Wickedness in high places.”

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