“All Hat, No Cattle” – Matt Gaetz Rips Eric Swalwell In Today’s Impeachment Hearing

On Thursday, Matt Gaetz shut down the entire Dem argument for impeaching President Trump in a riveting statement in the judicial markup.

The House Judiciary Committee is debating the articles of impeachment and which is done mostly for show as Nancy Pelosi has the votes to impeach and McConnell has the votes to acquit.

This show trial is not good for the Dems in the long-term as most know that it’s all BS. Especially Matt Gaetz, who went through the weak Dem case point by point before shutting down Eric Swalwell with the mock heard round the world.

“I hear them, you know, crying these alligator tears, clutching their pearls, over this notion that ‘Trump didn’t give this aid. We gotta go impeach him for it.’ Where was all this concern when Obama was president?” Matt Gaetz asked.

“Democrats are naming crimes in debate that they don’t even have in their impeachment resolution because they can’t prove them and because there are no underlying facts,” he said correctly.

“There are no crimes here? That is the defense my colleagues across the aisle are putting forward?” Swalwell said.

“How about the highest crime that one who holds public office could commit, a crime against our Constitution. After all, the Constitution is the highest, most supreme law of the land. Every other law, statutory laws included, derive from the Constitution, not the other way around. The president committed the highest crime against the Constitution by abusing his office, cheating in an election, inviting foreign interference for a purely personal gain while jeopardizing our national security and the integrity of our elections,” Swalwell said.

“Since my colleagues keep bringing up what potential crimes you could charge a president with, let’s go through some of them because President Trump’s conduct overlaps with criminal acts.”

Next came the mocking as CNN’s Manu Raju reports:

Things are getting heated at House Judiciary. Gaetz tries to ask Swalwell a question when Swalwell lays out alleged crimes by the president. “I will not yield,” Swalwell says to him.

Gaetz can be overheard saying: “All hat, no cattle.”

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