“America, We Are Leaving” – Cop Spills His Guts On Left’s War On Law Enforcement

Officer walking with an African-American child (left), Teenager Megan O’Grady who founded “Blueline Bears” as a way to support the families of fallen police officers hugs her cop dad after she was threatened by leftwing activists (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Blueline Bears/Screenshot/Facebook)

Veteran Police Officer Travis Yates spilled his guts to all Americans on the Left’s war on law enforcement. “This weekend I received death threats for just doing my job,” Yates said. “It would have been outrageous a decade ago and made national news. Now, it’s just a Monday. You aren’t going to have to abolish the police, we won’t be around for it.”

Police Officer Travis Yates has a dire warning to all Americans. The latest trend to demonize the police, abolish the police, will end badly. The truth is a civilization cannot endure without law enforcement, and if this “defund the police” movement is not destroyed, America will be history.

“This is the hardest thing I have written,” Yates said. “I grew up in a law enforcement family. My father worked his way up to the rank to Captain at the Ft. Smith (AR) Police Department. As a kid, I remember going with him on Friday to pick up his check and I was in awe of these superheroes he worked around.”

“My dad sacrificed a lot and so did my late mother,” Yates added. “Whether it was the week-long surveillance or wiretap or chasing drug runners across the country, he gave it all for my family and worked plenty of extra details to never let our family be without. Some would call that privilege but where I grew up, it was called hard work.”

Yates reminds Americans how it has changed for the worse thanks to the leftwing activists.

“The mentally ill used to get treatment and now they just send cops. Kids used to be taught respect and now it’s cool to be disrespectful,” the 27-year veteran officer said. “Supervisors used to back you when you were right but now they accuse you of being wrong in order to appease crazy people.”

“Parents used to get mad at their kids for getting arrested and now they get mad at us,” Yates declared. “The media used to highlight the positive contribution our profession gave to society and now they either ignore it or twist the truth for controversy to line their own pockets.”

This isn’t about racist cops, this about “transforming America” into a leftwing hell hole.

“With all this talk about racism and racist cops,” Yates said. “I’ve never seen people treated differently because of their race. And while I know that cowards that have never done this job will call me racist for saying it, all I’ve ever seen was criminal behavior and cops trying to stop it and they didn’t give a rip what their skin color was.”

“I’ve seen cops help and save any type of race, gender or ethnicity you can think of and while that used to mean something, no one cares anymore.”

“I’ve been called every name you can think of and many of them with racial overtones and it’s never come from cops,” the veteran officer claimed. “I’ve watched African American cops take the brunt of this and even talked one rookie out of quitting after he was berated by a lot of cowards that had the same skin color as him.”

“I’ve heard words I never heard before being a cop,” he said.

“Uncle Tom, Cracker, Pig and the N-Word just to name a few. I’ve heard them thousands of times and never once did I see a police officer retaliate,” he added.

“Doctors kill 250,000 people a year,” Yates explained. “They call them ‘medical mistakes’ because society understands that they do a very difficult job under high stress and they must make the best possible decision in the moment,”

“Law enforcement is tasked with the same and we are highly successful,” he said.

“Despite the most violent society we have ever seen, less than 1,000 suspects are killed a year. 96% are attacking us with weapons and all but a few others are attacking us with their cars or their fists and more and more with simulated guns so [attorney] Benjamin Crump can help their family win the lottery,” Yates added.

“It’s over America. You finally did it.”

“You aren’t going to have to abolish the police, we won’t be around for it,” Yates warned. “And while I know, most Americans still appreciate us, it’s not enough and the risk is too high. Those of you that say thank you or buy the occasional meal, it means everything.”

“But those of you that were silent while the slow turning of the knives in our backs happened by thugs and cowards, this is on you,” he said. “Your belief in hashtags and memes over the truth has and will create an environment in your community that you will never expect.”

“If you think Minneapolis will turn into Mogadishu and that is far from you, it’s coming,” Yates added. “And when it does, remember what your complicity did. This is the America that you made.”

Travis Yates also said he really hoped his kids would follow him into law enforcement. Now, he says he “wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy. I would never send anyone I cared about into the hell that this profession has become.”

And what did Officer Yates get for spilling his guts? Only 24 hours after the article was published, an orchestrated attack by the leftwing media has destroyed his character and reputation. You can help officers like Yates by donating to “Defend the Heroes.”

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9 is the motto of the “Defend the Heroes” website.

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